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Eat it with your hands!

We are a neighborhood restaurant serving up freshly baked, made from scratch, savory and sweet pies inspired by our beloved New Zealand staples. Our menu rotates daily so we can serve up the freshest pies possible. We promise to deliver a one-of-a-kind meal served up with a little side of magic. In return, we kindly request you embrace your pies like a real Kiwi – eat them with your hands, right out of the bag!

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Image by Richmond Magazine


We wanted to make proper pies!

Proper Pie was founded by Neil Smith and Nikki Price with a mission to bring people joy through a fun, affordable, and new food experience. Pining for the “proper pies” of his New Zealand homeland, Neil pitched the idea of a Kiwi-style savory pie concept. Baking and producing consistently delicious pies on that scale was no small feat, but with the encouragement of friends, family and colleagues, Neil and Nikki began their pie adventure in 2011 through pop up events around Richmond. Eventually the pies became so popular they opened a full-time pie shop in the Church Hill neighborhood in November of 2012.

Since then, the duo has been pumping out proper pies alongside a team of over two dozen pie perfectionists. The menu has also expanded to include sweet pies, soups, pasties, sausage rolls and other sweet treats. Come experience the fun and eat your pie!

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